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Medicare Planning​​

When you learn how Medicare works you will not be afraid.

Many people are confused by the complexity of the Medicare system. When you don’t understand how Medicare and your plan works, you are open the stress of worrying about what the plan covers, to being billed for services you shouldn’t pay for, accepting services not covered by Medicare or your health plan, signing forms in the doctors office without reading them, enrolling and staying in plans that don’t fit your needs or budget, getting upset when you have co-pays that you didn’t expect and can’t afford, overpaying for your prescription drugs, and staying in the same health or drug plan every year because you are afraid to make a change.

Your Questions

How does Medicare get paid?

Why do I owe that bill?

Why do I have to sign the iPad and forms at the doctor’s office?

Can I be refused service if I don’t sign?

Does Medicare cover yearly physicals?

Will your drug plan cover all your drugs in 2017?

Do you know what your copays are?

What did you sign in the doctor’s office?

What is a Medicare assignment

Does Medicare cover gynecological visits?

How do I fight my bill when I think I don’t owe it?

The Answers

The difference between Medicare Advantage and Original Medicare.

Tips to challenge Medicare fraud and incorrect billing.

How to talk to your doctor to ensure Medicare pays your bill.

How to use your Medicare book.

How to know your plan benefits.

Why and how you should re-run your drug plan every year.