Our Mission

I became involved in senior health, life and long term care planning nine years ago, and have met with hundreds of people every year helping them put plans in place; folks turning 65, Seniors already in the Medicare system, involved families and caregivers and other professionals in the community who work with seniors.

Regardless, of what longevity concern folks came to me to talk about, the conversation always began with “Will my health plan cover this?” Most people felt that their Medical coverage was the cornerstone of their planning. Many people expressed fear, that the “wrong” medical plan would be their financial downfall. This concern was two-fold, the fear that their plan would not pay for the medical service they needed, and the cost of that much needed care would be cost prohibitive.

I discovered that many people didn’t understand Medicare and didn’t know where to turn for the answers they needed to address their fears and make effective decisions.

Medicare information is available to anyone who wants it.
You can read your Medicare & You book, every person turning 65 and over gets a book every year between September-October, go online, call companies directly, speak with sales agents representing Medicare companies, or use your state specific resource groups…..

So why are so many people so confused?

This was a problem that needed to be addressed.

Utilizing my years of experience as a Senior Advocate, Medicare and Long term care specialist dealing with insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, home care agencies, LTC facilities and drug companies, I have made it my mission to be a resource in the community. I ensure that anyone who wants to gain an understanding of what their coverages, rights and entitlements are, can come to me for unbiased comprehensive advice and short or ongoing long-term support and help.

I offer education, advocacy, and guidance to ensure you have the facts you need so you no longer have to be afraid or confused. I work hand-in-hand with my clients breaking down the health care laws, explaining all the moving parts of Medicare and sharing the tips and tools you can use use to protect yourself. I explain in simple to understand terms so that you will be comfortable to stand up for your rights, always ask the right questions, and be confident in the knowledge that you have chosen the right drug and health plan year after year because you know Medicare.

I will help you become empowered to speak to your doctors and service providers to ensure you are only billed properly, explain what is covered and not covered, know what to sign and not sign, ensure the services you get are all covered by your health plan, get all your “free services” at no cost, control your drug costs every year, use specific pharmacies to reduce your drug costs, prevent you from being billed for services not covered by your plan, how to challenge all incorrect billing, enroll in all assistance programs you are eligible for, and most importantly confidently be able to make and stand by any decisions you make related to your healthcare.