Medical Billing Conflict Resolution



At SBG we understand Doctors can be intimidating. We provide guidance and solutions you can utilize to take charge of your healthcare, and the information necessary to appeal and file a grievance if you are denied the payment or care for services you need and deserve.

Medicare billing fraud has become an epidemic impacting the pocketbooks of many seniors who count on their Medicare and secondary insurances to protect their health and control their costs.

When you don’t know how or what Medicare or your health plan should pay you are at the mercy of the doctors and service providers.

We Will Help You

• Become empowered to speak to your doctors and service providers to ensure you are always billed properly

• Explain what is covered and not covered

• Know what to sign and not sign

• Ensure the services you get are all covered by your health plan

• Get all your “free services” at no cost

• Control your drug costs every year

• Use specific pharmacies to reduce your drug costs

• Prevent you from being billed for services not covered by your plan

• How to challenge all incorrect billing

• Enroll in all assistance programs you are eligible for

Most importantly, we’ll help you confidently make and stand by any decisions related to your healthcare.