Helping you make better decisions connected to aging. 

Advocacy EducationGuidance

We advocate and fight for your Medicare rights and senior health entitlements.

We offer education so you are empowered to make effective planning decisions.

We guide you to the resources and services you need to reach your goals.

We advise those responsible for an aging parent who need guidance and support.


At SBG Senior Life Consultants, advocacy for older adults is our primary goal. Through education and advocacy we guide seniors and their families to the services they need. We take great pride in working hand-in-hand with you, and offer a continuous support system designed to help you achieve the peace of mind you deserve.

We understand the challenges you face and are dedicated to helping you make informed decisions connected to aging so you can achieve the very best quality of life.

Senior Health & Longevity


Medicare is complex. We offer information, advocacy and guidance so you have the facts you need to confidently navigate Medicare. We assist you with plan selection and enrollment, explain drug plans, and provide essential tips and tools you can use to confidently make decisions related to your healthcare.

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You can never know for sure if you will need long-term care. Perhaps you will never need it. And unexpected injury, illness or the natural aging process can change your needs, sometimes suddenly. The best time to think about your long-term care plan is before you need it.

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Comprehensive planning solutions unique to your specific preferences and circumstances. Utilizing income and funding optimization, benefit utilization, and resource maximization.

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We have the essential understanding of what your policy covers and the traps that can block policy claims. We coordinate with your LTC, Life insurance, and Financial company to get through the evaluations needed for receiving a diagnosis and complete the paperwork which will start your benefits and enable you to get the care you need..

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We will educate you to avoid future billing abuse.  We will review and reconcile your medical bills by negotiating with your service providers and billers. We will ensure you do not pay for services incorrectly coded or that should have been covered by Medicare.

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We believe you should benefit from all the programs you are entitled to. We will help you qualify for state and federal benefits, to help you pay for health care needs, prescription drugs and long-term care.

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When planning comprehensively for your future, coordination is key.
We will connect you with resources, agencies, and professionals in your community that are able to address your specific concerns and work hand-in-hand with you to ensure you have the guidance you need.

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Plan For Your Future


  • Copays differ from pharmacy to pharmacy. This applies to all people of all ages with  prescription drug coverage. Do you know that you may pay significantly

  • Glaucoma causes vision loss. Medicare covers a glaucoma test once every 12 months for people at high risk for glaucoma. A high risk person can

  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death in United States for both men and women. Medicare covers a cardiovascular disease screening at no cost to

  • BEWARE OF IDENTITY THIEVES INCREASING THREAT OF CALLS TARGETING SENIORS These callers are claiming they represent Medicare, Social Security or any other insurance company. The caller may  state

  • Seniors protect yourself from identity theft. Theives are using your stolen Social Security number to commit multiple financial crimes. Protect yourself from this fraud. Do


Creating a Long-Term Plan For Seniors

Understand Your Rights

Sandi Gaglio

​As a licensed healthcare specialist and consultant I founded SBG Senior Life Consultants with a mission: 

To ensure older adults and families have a place to turn for expert, professional, unbiased advisement and guidance designed to help you make better decisions connected to aging.

I have always been drawn to helping people. I started working with seniors 9 years ago, and from the very first person I helped, I knew I had found my true calling.

My career began with assisting folks 65 + with Medicare and longevity planning; health coverage, long-term care, life insurance and conservative financial planning. As a natural educator and problem solver, senior planning became my area of expertise. 

Many folks were overwhelmed and confused by the choices and how to sort in all out. I found it personally rewarding to work with a client, and watch their eyes light up with understanding as I explained how to simply navigate plan complexities and empowered them to confidently make health decisions.

I believe “What you don’t know can’t help you,” and I am dedicated to educating and empowering older adults by sharing the tools and information needed to make crucial planning decisions. I understand the emotional, social, physical, long term and health care needs that must be addressed. 

I employ a unique, highly compassionate, and personalized approach to provide unbiased solutions, life enhancing support, senior resources, insurance and benefits planning tools, and guidance in making decisions. I implement the expertise needed to assist in the coordination of these crucial choices. I take great pride in working hand-in-hand with you and your family and provide a continuous support system designed to help you achieve peace-of-mind and live your very best quality of life.

Make Confident Decisions


Helping you make better decisions connected to aging.

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