Diabetes Foot Care and Therapeutic Shoes

If you have part B and have diabetes, Medicare will cover therapeutic shoes.

To qualify for therapeutic shoes your doctor who is treating your diabetes must certify that you meet three conditions:

  1. You have diabetes 
  2. You are currently being treated with a comprehensive diabetes care plan and need the shoes specifically because of diabetes
  3. You must have at least one of these conditions in one or both feet to qualify…
    1. partial or complete foot amputation
    2. Past foot ulcers
    3. Calluses that could lead to ulcers
    4. Poor circulation
    5. A deformed foot

*A pedorthist, orthotist or prosthetist must prescribe and fit the shoes. *

These type of shoes are covered each and every year and may include EITHER one of these:

  • One pair of depth-in lay shoes and 3 pairs of inserts


  • One pair of custom molded shoes including inserts, (if you can’t wear the depth-in lay shoes) and  2 additional pairs of insurgency

Additionally Medicare will cover one foot exam every 6 months by a podiatrist or foot care specialist, if you have diabetes related nerve damage in either of your feet.

Remember, when dealing with these type of issues you should be under the care of your primary doctor or diabetes specialist when getting footcare.

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Sandi Gaglio

Senior Medicare Advocate